Success Stories

Many people who experience unexplained headaches, earaches, neck pain, jaw pain, vertigo or shoulder/arm pain do not realize that these symptoms are due to the inflammation in their JAW JOINT resulting in Temporomandibular Joint Disorders.

Nancy M & Dr. Urbanek

“I have had over 30 yrs. of headache and frequent earaches which have gotten much more frequent and painful. after 3 weeks of use of the splint have had a 90 percent decrease of symptoms. now a very happy lady.” Nancy M.

LAD & Dr. Urbanek
“I’ve experienced chronic ear pain for 30 years. Although, I do have a history of sinus and ear infections, my ear pain began to worsen to the point of not being able to sleep at night. I would wake up with pain so bad that it affected my hearing. I experienced ringing in my ears. Eventually, I found a new ENT who sent me to Dr. Urbanek. After three months my symptoms are 95% alleviated. I cannot say enough about his jaw splint and what it has done for the quality of my life.” L.A.D.

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