Our Latest Patient Testimonial

When I was 28 years old I was hit in the jaw. My jaw would not open. I tried to open it,with no luck. So the person who hit me hit me again and it unlocked. I never went to anyone for 8 or 10 years later. That’s when I was referred to Dr a specialist for my problems. The doctor never asked me about how it happened he had me read and article and after reading it I finally knew that I had a problem. He then asked me how it happened. That’s when I finally knew I had TMJ. I have been fighting with this everyday since. I am now 62 years old and Dr. Urbanek has made me feel so thankful. I have suffered from headaches and pain symptoms since. So I am doing so much better. I would tell anyone who has jaw pain to go see Dr. Urbanek for the great new jaw piece that he has made. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. ️️️️️️

- Cherry H

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