Our Latest Patient Testimonial

As I’m sure 99% of his patients are initially, I was also skeptical that a small splint could relieve so many symptoms. However, after wearing the splint, and feeling first hand how incredible it is is, don’t even attempt to take it from me. I’m a believer and a much happier camper. I came to Dr. Urbanek after reading testimonials on the website. I held Dr Urbanek to a very high standard. I have suffered from jaw pain, ear aches, tinnitus, nausea, migraines, upper back, neck and shoulder pain and stiffness for twenty years or more. I was taking medication for all of these symptoms and in order to “really test” the splint, I stopped taking three medications! Boy did Dr. Urbanek deliver! I came in for jaw pain relief and now I take three medications less than before the Splint and I have less pain than I’ve had in years. Thank you, Dr. Urbanek! Finally, the staff is amazing and that’s just a huge plus to the clientele and a credit to Dr. Urbanek. If you are suffering do this for yourself, come see Dr. Urbanek!

- Connie S

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