Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I remember visiting my dentist for a regular cleaning/checkup and him saying while viewing my x-rays, “I don’t like the way those bottom front teeth are looking and they’re mobile.” He stated, “It a cyst or a tumor.” He then refers me to Dr. Urbanek. Let me first say, their office staff are very friendly and thorough. When it came to my insurance prior to surgery and after surgery, I had ZERO problems even when I got a new job and my insurance changed. During my first visit, they took x-rays and of course, I met Dr. Urbanek. I knew I was in good hands from the time I met him. I scheduled the surgery and it was a breeze. I woke up and he said, “You did good! We're almost finished here!” I was in and out in no time. Any surgery can be frightening but you can be sure that with Dr. Urbanek and his staff, “Like Allstate”...YOU’RE IN GOOD HANDS!! I was nervous about my follow up but turns out, I’M ALL GOOD! Thank you, Dr. Urbanek and Staff!

- Sierra H

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