Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Amazing!!!!! I got my life back. You hear all the time how your teeth effect your health. It is not a myth. I was around 12years of age when I kept getting head aches. I was told on several times it was all in my head. Young children don’t get head aches. I did it all including physical therapy. When I came to see Dr. Urbanek, He completed all of my sentences. I cried because he had never met me nor had any idea of what I’ve been through. Dr. Urbanek told me in one session everything that I’ve been experiencing throughout my life. Honestly I didn’t believe him when he showed me my little mouth piece. I went home and kept experiencing the pain and symptoms with dizziness. I came back to his office and told him I ready for change because I couldn’t continue the way I was. I’m so glad that I trust him and his staff. I’m a better and I thank him and his staff.

- Stacey Y

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