Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I came to Dr. Urbanek after suffering with ear and jaw issues for over a year. I could barely hear out of one ear, it stayed “full” feeling, and nothing seemed to help. I also have had jaw issues for at least 10 years, audible popping when eating, pain, locking up, etc. The most recent issue was that I could not open my mouth fully. I also had numerous symptoms that I did not know were related to my jaw, including waking up with my right hand completely numb a lot of morning and having issues sleeping at night. Once I received the device, the first thing I noticed was a decrease in the fullness in my right ear and my ability to hear plainly out of it. The next was the ability to open my mouth more widely. I’ve been wearing the device for several months now, over this time span I have only woke up with numb hands twice (which is a tremendous decrease), my jaw only pops/locks if I yawn widely (and not every time), my jaw pain is basically nonexistent, and my ear issues are probably 85% better. This device has definitely been worth every last penny, and the almost 2 hour drive to see Dr. Urbanek!

- Shawna R

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