Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I appreciate the doctors candor in describing the potential for resolving my TMJ pain. What began years ago with clicking in my jaw began to be periods when I could not open my mouth completely along with pain. These would come and go. Then, about a year ago I experienced pain and a locked jaw that would not go away. I tried muscle relaxers. I even used a vibrator on the pain that had spread from my left jaw to my left temple and even to the top of my head. I researched google and found many doctors who treated TMJ, but I wanted success stories and much of what I saw was that they could help, but they seemed to say it was not guaranteed. I asked my dentist who indicated she had heard of reported successes of Dr Urbanek. I made an appointment and was very pleased to get the best explanation of anyone I had heard from about what and why I might be suffering from TMJ. Having a 96+ percent success really interested me. I am a skeptical person and thought, “we’ll see”. Well I am here to tell you that nine months later I am 75 % better. Pain is mostly gone. Only thing is my mouth still hurts to try opening it up all the way, but at least now it will open to 39 of 45 when at the beginning it would only open to 30. When I came in I was not able to sleep well because of the pain. I was using heating pads. Ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, and a massager almost constantly to try to get some relief. I am a pastor of a church in Murfreesboro and find myself recommending Dr Urbanek to anyone I meet with TMJ problems. Dr Urbanek is not paying me or providing any favors for me to tell my story. I am glad to do so because I really want anyone out there who may be suffering the way I was to know, there really is hope! This is my story.

- Shelby S

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