Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I was at wits end when I was referred to Dr. Urbanek. My right jaw had popped out and I was miserable. I was hoping for an easy fix, like pop it back in. No simple fix here. I learned that all of my symptoms ongoing for decades of excruciating jaw pain, ringing in the ears, headaches, etc. were from TMJD. I tried anti inflammatory medication, mouth guards, chin straps, etc. Nothing worked. I was in so much pain and not a fan of pain meds, so I committed to try the mouthpiece from Dr. Urbanek. After 2 months I can honestly say that I have hope. My jaw pain is occasional now. The ringing is far from gone, but there are times now when it gets lower, so I have hope. Dr. Urbanek told me in the beginning this would be the last symptom to resolve. I cannot say enough how this has changed my life for the better. I wish I could make people happy like Dr. Urbanek does! I think I am disappointed in all of my medical providers over he years that didn’t recognize what was going on before my right jaw was destroyed. I am a nurse and didn’t figure it out either. I didn’t realize that I was grinding until it was almost too late. My husband never noticed me grinding at night. I wish I had known about this 20 years ago!

- Natalie C

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