Our Latest Patient Testimonial

For as long as I can remember I have suffered with difficulty biting and chewing food fully as well as pain and discomfort in my jaw, ears, neck, even causing numbless down my arms and into my fingers. I had no clue all these symptoms were related to one cause or that it could all be fixed by one doctor until I met Dr. Urbanek. My experience with Dr. Urbaneck has been nothing short of amazing! He walked me through everything that was happening with my jaw and my bite and gradually took me through a process to relieve the pain all while prepping me for surgery. I’ve heard so many people say they’d never want to have a jaw surgery and that it must be so painful but with Dr. Urbanek and his wonderful staff there wasn’t a painful part of the process. I’m so greatdul I heard about Dr. Urbanek and his practice thanks to him I now have none of my original symptoms, I am pain free, and I have a perfect bite and straight teeth!

- Lisa H

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