The Solution for TMD Symptoms

Now that the symptoms of TMDs (Tempromandibular Joint Disorders) have been enumerated and described the obvious question is: “What is the solution to this disturbing and sometimes devastating disease?” Fortunately, there is a solution that does not entail drugs or surgery. It becomes simple once the primary cause, “inflammation”, within the joint is treated.

Remove the load from the Joints

But how can you unload the jaw joints when you habitually, knowingly or unknowingly, constantly clench and grind your teeth? Constantly clenching and grinding the teeth is the common condition known as bruxism and affects about 50% of the population. Currently, we do not understand the mechanism of bruxism, and there is no on and off switch. Many times, people with this condition have no control over it. The only fact known about bruxism is that it is related to stress. The more stress, the more people tend to clench and/or grind their teeth. Bruxism can occur during the day while not being aware that you are doing it, and you obviously are not aware that you are doing it when you are sleeping.

But one fact has led to a remarkable breakthrough in the treatment of TMD. This fact has been known and studied for decades and agreed upon by the scientists who study the function of the jaws. Ninety percent (90%) of the loads on the temporomandibular joints (TMJ’s) come from the back teeth, (molar teeth and premolar teeth). The anterior teeth, (incisor and canine teeth) only allow ten percent (10%) of attempted loading before they automatically back off from the chewing force because it becomes too painful to put more than 10% of the loads on the front teeth. That is why you don’t try to crack nuts of chew steak with your front teeth. You automatically place hard to chew foods between your posterior teeth when chewing. Mother Nature automatically makes it comfortable to chew your food, no matter how hard the food.

This one, well accepted fact, led to the development of the “Urbanek TMD Device (USP #9314320)”. Actually, it was the patients who provided the key that triggered the incite to develop the “Urbanek Device”.

After talking with dozens of patients, primarily women, with years of severe symptoms of TMD, they would frequently say: “If I place my finger, my tongue, a pencil eraser, or a piece of cloth between my front teeth it feels better.” This led to devising a device that separates the back (posterior) teeth removing 90% of the load from the temporomandibular joints. When the load is removed from the joint for a long enough time, the inflammation of the joints subside and the symptoms go away. (Remember inflammation in the joint is the actual cause of the symptoms of TMD). Whatever removes the inflammation will decrease the symptoms. That explains why non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, ie: Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Acetaminophen help relieve the symptoms of TMD. But these three drugs will run out of steam in a few days to a few weeks, and if continued past that point will only cause the stomach to become upset while not producing any pain relief. And if used to self-medicate indefinitely can lead to destruction of the liver and kidneys.

The “Urbanek Device (splint) is designed in such a way that it is comfortable when worn night or day. It is non-obtrusive and not easily seen by others, and not an obstruction to normal speech.

A well-established protocol is used when the device is used by the patient over a period of time as the symptoms subside. Generally, the device must be worn 24/7 for two months and after proper adjustment and evaluation by the professional provider, will be worn night time only indefinitely in order to keep the symptoms from returning.

The “Urbanek Device” is patented in the United States and Canada and has achieved FDA Clearance for both its manufacturing process and distribution.

The “Urbanek Device” can only be provided by properly trained and licensed doctors of dentistry and medicine.